DTG Printing in NYC, New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut

Are you contemplating choosing DTG –Direct to Garment Printing in New Jersey, NYC, Long Island, or in Connecticut, to design your custom t-shirts? DTG printing services by Horus New York can be a great choice due to the various reasons and benefits it brings you. Here is a list of 5 reasons that will help you understand why DTG could be the right choice. Further, you can get in touch with the experts in DTG printing here to get more insight.

Reason # 1: Full-Colour Printing with DTG printing in NYC

The DTG printing in NYC at Horus New York prints the ink directly onto the fabric, creating stunning full-color images. The benefit is that you do not need to simplify your design or remove specific colors from it to meet your budget and ensure that all printing can be done.

Reason # 2: DTG printing in New Jersey requires minimal setup time and costs

Your custom t-shirt printing order with DTG printing in New Jersey at Horus New York requires a short turnaround time. They have the latest DTG technologically equipped machines directing only the initial artwork file, requiring minimal setup. DTG printing is one of the quickest printing methods available.

Reason # 3: No minimum orders are required at Horus New York!

Yes, if DTG printing is in your mind, then be rest assured that Horus New York does not mandate a minimum order from your side. It's incredibly easy to place a single T-Shirt into the printer and then print your design onto it. So you can print a single piece or in bulk; and there will be no quality difference even if you get it from DTG printing in New Jersey or DTG Printing services in NYC.

Reason # 4: DTG printing in NYC proves to be an environmentally friendly printing technique

Horus New York uses inks in DTG printers that are almost water-based, which means they are entirely safe and environmentally friendly. Hence, if you are conscious about protecting the environment, then by choosing the services of DTG printing in NYC, you're choosing the perfect printing technique to create your garments.

Reason # 5: Superior quality with DTG Printing in NYC at Horus New York.

One of the critical aspects is that DTG printing in NYC ensures printing any design onto a T-Shirt in full color and exactly how it looks on your camera. All the details of the original sample design can be transferred to the garment too! So if you are looking to gift something to your loved ones, then DTG printing their photo on a t-shirt is a great option that makes a perfect present and shows just how much thought you've put into it.

Reason # 6: Comfortable printed T-Shirts

The Service of DTG printing in NYC by a professional service provider like Horus New York ensures that the screen printing of design or message on the garment is done so that it feels super soft on wearing as if it was printed when the t-shirt was initially produced. The printing technique is perfect if you're looking to create a fashionable T-Shirt that is comfortable enough for all-day use.